security instructions

In order to view the FM Net page from your Home computer, you must follow the below instructions.

  1. Go Internet Explorer Options
  2. Click on Advanced Options
  3. Scroll down to Security
  4. Enable all SSL and TLS


The Financial Management Community Network (FM Net) is a community site within Army Knowledge Online (AKO) that is designed to retrieve relevant, useful knowledge to the Financial Management community as fast as possible. This network of information offers the ability for users to gather and share knowledge quickly using the platform that AKO provides. FM Net stands as a tool in meeting the end-state of the Financial Management Campaign Plan as well as extending beyond the Financial Management (FM) Community to meet the goals of The Army Learning Concept for 2015. This is accomplished by playing part in the Learner-Centric 2015 Learning Environment as an avenue for blended learning, adaptive learning, peer-based learning, single portal to digital learning resources, and soldier created content.

The FM Net serves as the single source for combined knowledge and communication in the FM community. It consist of eleven different pages of content: FM Net homepage, key links, Proponency, lessons learned, doctrine, TTP's, organizations, historical files, AFMW, NCO/Soldier of the Year, and FM Net forums. The FM community will grow in conjunction and stand at the forefront of the Army's evolving technological growth through the FM Net platform.

As an Administrator it is your primary responsibility to maintain and update FM Net per the community’s needs. In order to secure FM Net's future growth and capabilities, it is your duty to stay up to date on current AKO trends, training, and knowledge.